KKCenterHK Sticker For Fingers Toes

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

KKCenterHK sent me the Sticker For Fingers Toes nail patch- No.117 16 Pieces Sticker For Fingers Toes for review. These are stick on nail art stickers which you can stick on your nail toes and you are done. Take a look.

Yes, I know I have chubby toes. My camera only made them look fatter. :-P

I have been wearing these for past 3 days now. So its the time for review.

The Good about these Nail Stickers 

  • Very easy to use - Just peel off the stickers from the adhesive paper, trim according to your nail shape and stick on.
  • Huge variety of stickers available. The number of prints/designs available with KKCenterHK is huge. The designs vary from neat and subtle stickers to very bright and colourful ones. So, there’s one, rather may for every one.check out the designs here and here
  • The stickers are quite big in size. You can easily trim these stickers according to your nail shape and sizes. if you look at the picture above, I have used only one sticker for my entire foot. Nice, isn't it ?
  • Takes very less time to stick but the time required to trim them according to your nails is much more. 

The Not so Good about these Nail Stickers 

  • Trimming the stickers according to contours of nail is a bit difficult. One tiny wrong cut and the shape of the sticker may get distorted.
  • The staying power is average. The stickers start to peel within 2 days.
  • Can be purchased only online at KKCenterHK
Take care till we meet again! 
    Products send by KKCenterHK  for review purposes.Read entire Disclaimer here


    Rekha said...

    wow prachi.. this looks good :) animal print :) but isnt it lil glossy? looks like it reflects light a lot.. how does it look in day light?

    anamika said...

    thish ish shooo cuteee Prachi :)

    Prachi said...

    @Rekha, Yes it is glossy and does reflect a lot of light. I had to take pictures without flash because the pictures were all shiny when I used flash. :-P

    Prachi said...

    @Anamika, it is very cute but I find it a bit OTT.

    bhumika said...

    these look nice..:)

    Vidhya said...

    glossy but looks cute


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