Motives by Loren Ridinger - Motives Shape and Sculpt Duo

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What Motives by Loren Ridinger claim about its Motives Shape & Sculpt Duo : 
  • ·         Two-in-one highlighter and matte contour powder
  • ·         Luxurious formula that glides on smoothly to highlight and sculpt
  • ·         Designed for all skin types
  • ·         Non-irritant formula
  • ·         Paraben, oil and fragrance free

Source - Motives Website 

What Makes Motives® Shape & Sculpt Duo Unique?

Double-sided compact that contains everything you need to highlight and contour like a pro. The dark side creates depth in areas such as the hollows of your cheeks. Using the light side brings the eye forward, highlighting areas such as the bridge of the nose or chin. Contouring can help accentuate and hide imperfect face structures, making you look your best every day.

MRP: 21 $ for 10g

Available online here
The Motives Shape and Sculpt duo combines 2 shades, a dark brown for contouring and beige for highlighting. Very true to their claim, the dark shade creates depth in areas such as the hollows of cheeks. The light shade is perfect for highlighting bridge of nose or chin.  A tiny dust on the cupid’s bow is just what is needed to perfect that pout. Contouring accentuates and hide imperfect face structures, making you look your best every day. 

First - For Highlighting, Second - For Contouring

My experience with Motives Shape and Sculpt Duo: 

I have a round face with chubby/plump cheeks (A few friends love to pull my cheeks every now and then) and a broad forehead. I should not forget to mention that I am an amateur when it comes makeup and I am still trying to master the art of applying blushes with a lot of help from YouTube videos. I was amazed at the results it gave. My cheeks looked much less plump and well defined. Using the Shape and Sculpt Duo is a cakewalk. All that is needed is a Fluffy Brush. I tried applying with a light hand with my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush and the results were almost same. No special brush is required. So, let me just sum up the Good and not so Good. 

Swatches on my Hand

The Good about Motives Shape and Sculpt Duo
  • ·Soft and Creamy Texture - Motives Shape and Sculpt Duo has a creamy texture and does not dry out my already dry skin. I moisturise my face with my regular moisturiser, wait for 2-3 minutes and use the Motives Shape and Sculpt Duo. No dryness or patchy skin.
  • ·Easily blends with a Fluffy Brush. You can also use your Blush Brush if you don’t have a Fluffy Brush.
  • ·Gives a Nice contoured look. Gives a very well defined contoured look to my plump cheeks. They appear less chubby/plump. Totally serves its purpose. The Highlighter is a very versatile shade and I use it to contour my cupid’s bow and apple of cheeks too.
  • Very economical as it combines 2 products, i.e. contouring powder and the highlighter. The quantity it contains is 10 grams and a very small amount is needed for contouring. So, a little goes a long way.
  • Stays for a long time, almost 6-7 hours, even in hot and humid weather. It starts to fade away gradually after about 5 hours on me. 
  • I did not get any breakouts or pimples from using Motives Shape and Sculpt Duo.
  • Free of any fragrance and parabens. 

The not so Good about Motives Shape and Sculpt Duo
  • No applicator is included. The case itself is quite big in size and a small applicator should have been included to make it even more travel friendly.
  • Not available in India, and can only be purchased online at here
Take a look at the above video to know more about range of different products by Motives by Loren Ridinger

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