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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brrrrrr....its so damn cold here already. Do you like winters ? I totally hate winters, especially winters here in Delhi. Winters to me are nothing but dry, gloomy and depressing days. Yes, that’s how badly i hate winters. I am a complete sunshine person. Love summers. I never had a chance to experience winters down south until a few years back, I went to Hyderabad during winters. Oh boy, winters there felt like a spring. My family had to literally drag me back to Delhi. 

Anyways, so how have you lovely girls been ? I hope you all are enjoying the festive spirit. Wishing you all a very very happy new year. 

Today’s review is about  a new online shopping website Slassy which comes from Stylish and Classy. Cute name isn’t it? they stock some high end brands like from Bourjois Paris, Organic Surge,  Maxfactor and Chambor. 

What Slassy says about itself 

Slassy is an India-based hip and trendy fragrances, skin care, cosmetics, hair care and beauty accessories store available exclusively online. We bring premium branded products to our customers across men's and women's categories. By leveraging the reach of the internet, we aim to bring a unique perspective to shopping in India. We provide quality products and unmatched superior customer service.

Our Vision
All good things begin with a vision! Slassy must be a progressive company committed to the future of the world of beauty. Without sacrificing any quality, Slassy will bring the consumer what they are looking for - products from prestigious brands at reasonable prices. Slassy constantly keeps abreast of trends to fulfil the goal of accommodating the changing needs of the consumers.

Our Mission
Our mission is to become the destination store for both men and women, offering the convenience of multiple brands and providing a personal high touch shopping experience that helps create lifelong customer relationships

At slassy we are obsessed with,
  • ·         Quality
  • ·         Customer Satisfaction

My experience with Slassy 
 Slassy stocks a lot of different products for skin care, hair care, makeup, bath products etc. like Bourjois, Chambor, Maxfactor, Organic Surge, Garnier, Lotus Herbals, Chambor, Olay, Giovanni, Biotique, Loreal etc. they offer free shipping for all order above Rs. 350, which is pretty reasonable. I was so amazed to find skincare products Giovanni also on their website.  Yup, you guessed it right. I already got myself a facial cleanser from Giovanni from

Payment options
Slassy offers payment options like credit cards, debit cards, internet banking and very recently they also introduced cash on delivery option. So all you girls out there, who are paranoid about using your plastic cards online, this is for you. (I know, you must be thinking that I am from the stone age, still scared to use cards online, but I cant help it. LOL. I guess I have seen too much of cyber crimes already in my profession) 

I placed my order on 26, December and received a confirmation email within few minutes. The same evening, I received a confirmation and feedback call from their representative. He confirmed that they would be shipping my order the same day and also asked me about my experience of shopping at I got my order on the morning of 28, December, within 48 hours of placing the order. The next day, i.e. today, I again received a call from their representative, confirming the delivery and for feedback.

The order came nicely wrapped in a sturdy cardboard box, filled with styrofoam cubes. I was a bit surprised when I saw that the products were not packed in any kind of bubble wrap or protective packing. When I expressed my concern during the confirmation and feedback call, their representative assured me that they have tested the packaging and it was damage proof. 

Here's what I got from Slassy 
They have a lot of other skincare and haircare products from Giovanni too. I wish I could buy all of it (sighs)

I had a great time shopping from Slassy and would be definitely going back for more. I would only suggest them to stock up on more brands and get some foreign brands too, to make makeup crazy girls like us even more crazy. 

Have you shopped from Slassy ? Which product do you want me to review from my purchase from Slassy

Disclaimer - I was given a discount voucher to purchase, but my review remains honest.

It’s not original, if it’s not “Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly

 Is your skin feeling dry even after applying Vaseline Petroleum jelly? Does it leave your skin looking rough and bruised? So are you using the original Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly? Nowadays the market is flooded with cheap products that look like the original Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly and are available at cheaper prices. But these moisturizers only last for a short time, making the skin drier which can cause more harm than good to your skin. 

The Original Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly is a combination of mineral oils, paraffin and microcrystalline waxes, which makes it translucent and gives it a smooth texture. It goes through a three step purification process, which involves hydrogenation to remove chemical purities in the jelly. Further, it undergoes double filtration to remove the finest unwanted particles, thus making it the purest and smoothest form of jelly.
Dry skin is caused by the loss of moisture in the layers of the skin, which happens every second of the day due to exposure to harsh chemicals and rough weather conditions. Fake products use either Glycerine or Menthol, which moisturizes only the top layers of the skin for a short term and eventually leaves your skin dry and dehydrated.

The Original Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly is absorbed rapidly into the skin and provides even moisturization through all three layers of the skin, locking in the skins natural moisture and helping it to repair itself from within naturally. It also forms a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to avoid the damage that is caused by harsh weather and polluted environments, thus resulting in soft and supple skin all day long.  Original Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly is your ultimate skin expert, boasting of multiple skin uses. It’s not just a body moisturizer but can also be used as a night cream, make-up remover, to protect against nappy rash, minor bruises, post shaving etc. to name a few.   

Always, buy the Original Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly after testing its four unique identification marks, i.e. the Original Vaseline logo in Blue and Silver, the triple purification seal, the pure skin jelly trademark and the correct spelling “VASELINE”. 

The Original Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly is available in three variants across all retail outlets pan India. So rush to your closest outlet to buy the Original Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to get healthy and glowing skin!
For further information, please contact: – IPAN Hill & Knowlton, Mumbai

Source : Press Release 

Divo Blush Brush Review

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Hey Girls,

Hope you all are doing well. Today's tiny miny review is about a blush brush by Divo. well, the review will be tiny miny because the blush brush is just average and i can't boast about anything about it.

The blush brush, I feel is not very good in terms of softness, thickness/density of hairs. The brush could have been better if the hairs were more in number i.e. dense and softer. it can put colour and blend, but to blend a blush well, i need to use this again and again, compared to Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush. Don't be alarmed, it works like a charm when it comes to applying blushes. I just want more fluffy, soft and dense brushes for my blushes.

I don't find any other negative in this brush. It's a nice brush to carry in your bag for those on the move touch-ups. 

 If you look closely, it appears to be a better brush for contouring then applying blush.

Have you tried Divo Blush Brush ? Which is your favourite blush brush ?

I won't recommend and advise to buy this blush brush.

Disclaimer - Product sent by brand for consideration, but my review is honest.

Breda Watch Giveaway Winner

Friday, December 16, 2011
Hello Girls,

First of all, my aplogies for being so late in announcing the winner. I was a bit held up with few things. So, hold your breaths, because one lovely lady is going to win this watch.

So, without much ado, let me announce the winner.

and the Winner is

Congratulations, eve-O-lution. Please mail me your shipping details.

I hope you will love the watch.

Revlon Photoready Concealer in Light Medium - Review

Saturday, December 10, 2011
Revlon Photoready Concealer is a part of Revlon PhotoReady Range which was launched a few months ago by Revlon. I was looking for a heavy coverage concealer for my undereye dark circles and this concealer looked really promising. 

What Revlon claims about its Revlon Photo Ready Concealer 

  • All over face concealer helps erase imperfections and camouflage dark undereye circles
  • Full yet undetectable coverage 
  • Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light 
  • SPF 20
  • For a flawless, airbrushed appearance in any light.
  • Oil-free and fragrance-free

How to Apply

Apply under eyes and over any imperfections or dark spots, blend using fingertips in gently patting motion. Always try to select a concealer shade slightly lighter than skin tone particularly for the under eye area.

Price : Rs.700 For 3.2g, I got this for Rs. 630 from StyleCraze 

The Concealer

Revlon Photoready Concealer in Light Medium

My Take on Revlon PhotoReady™ Concealer

The concealer comes in a 6 different shades with SPF 20. I chose Light Medium for myself. The concealer comes in a stick packaging very similar to lipsticks. Makes it very easy to carry. The cap snaps shut tightly and won’t open on its own, rolling and hopping up and down in handbags. Let’s just come to the review. Like I said before, I was looking for a heavy duty concealer and this one works but only to some extent. It has a very subtle shimmer which gives a very soft glow to skin where it is applied.  The concealer is very creamy in texture and blends nicely with fingers. It does not dry out the skin where it is applied, unlike the Garnier Tinted Eye Roll on. One thing which troubles me is that I use it only for my under eyes and it stings my eyes a bit, though I take care to apply it away from my waterline, but it still stings. 

Swatch on Hand

Look how it covered my vein but completely, hence medium coverage

The Good things about Revlon PhotoReady Concealer:
  • I used it for heavy coverage but it can only give medium coverage. It looks layered up if I try to build it up for a heavy coverage.
  • Doesn’t settle into fines lines.
  • Can be blended very easily with fingers only. No need for brushes and sponges.
  • Suitable for my dry skin, though I think it will work great for dry skin also if set with a powder.
  • Gives a very light and subtle shimmer, making it a great product for everyday use.
  • It has a good staying power and lasts for almost 4-5 hours on me.
  • I can easily remove it with a facewash or cleanser. 
  • It has SPF20.

Cons of Revlon PhotoReady Stick Concealer:
  • Doesn’t provide heavy coverage and my under eyes look slightly ashy. Dark circles don’t get fully concealed. 
  • The price is on the higher side if compared with the quantity of product. 
  • Stings my under eyes even if I apply it away from my waterline. 
Do you think i am using it the wrong way ? if you have suggestions on how to use it, I am all eyes to read them and make it work. Do pour in.

Recommendation : A good concealer if you are  looking for light to medium coverage with a hint of shimmer/highlighter. Price is a bit on higher side, like all Revlon products. 

Shopping Experience with

Thursday, December 8, 2011

About StyleCraze and its Founder 

StyleCraze is the brainchild of Chetana, who is herself an Amateur Makeup artist from Hyderabad. She started Style craze to provide the best in Cosmetics & Beauty care products to Indians at affordable prices combined with legendary customer service. what prompted Chetana to start StyleCraze was the lack of variety in retail stores is a major concern for any Make up junkie. Like she says, ‘when it comes to beauty, I never compromise on the Brand or the shade. StyleCraze was started so that you dont have to compromise on your Beauty needs.’ 

Advantages of buying from StyleCraze 

a. Get access to the Largest collection of Cosmetics & Beauty care brands at one place
b. Upto 25% lower prices than Retail stores - No physical stores implies less costs, we prefer to pass this on to the customer in terms of lower prices
c. Amazing Customer Service: We pride in our Customer Service. All the products on the site are in stock & ready to ship. So we ship within a maximum of 3 Business days of receiving the order. 

My Experience with StyleCraze 

When I first started browsing through StyleCraze, I was so delighted to finally find the much sought after NYX Concealer on StyleCraze. I was not able to find it on any other shopping websites before. But it turned out that shade for my skin tone i.e. Beige was not available at that moment. So I sent an email to them. Well, I blinked and they replied to the email with the speed of lightening. I think MUA in a shop would take more time to find a product. Lol. They assured me that they will get it in 2 days and inform me. Yay..anyways, finally I got a Revlon concealer for myself because a friend recommended Revlon and I tried it too. To sum this small experience, they have a very prompt helpline type of service. Also, their claim about 3 day shipping is absolutely. I was sent a compact instead of concealer first. When I told Chetana about this, she immediately got the concealer dispatched and also arranged for getting the compact picked from my home. Another 3 days and the concealer was there, sitting pretty on my vanity. 

I found some other international brands like Bourjois, Maxfactor, Faces on StyleCraze. I was really really keen to get those little lovely Bourjois blushes, but controlled. With websites like StyleCraze, its getting harder and harder to control such urges. 

The best of their offerings would be 
  • 3 Day shipping - I placed my order and got an email within a few minutes confirming my order. They also informed me when they shipped my order and their claim of 3 day shipping is absolutely true. I got my order within 3 days. My order came in perfect condition with products were nicely packed in bubble wraps in a cardboard lined with Styrofoam balls and cubes. 
  • I had never seen Bourjois on any other websites where I shopped before. It was such a hard to find brand for me, but now it’s not. Chetana, can you get NARS to India, especially their NARS Orgasm Blush. Owning it will make my life worth living. :-D 
  • Cash on Delivery - I find cash on delivery the safest way to shop. It makes shopping so hassle free for women like me who are quite scared to use credit cards and net banking etc. but I am slowly getting a hang of these online payment things. 
  • Free shipping on Rs. 250 and above - StyleCraze offers free shipping for all orders above value of Rs. 250. 
Another thing which I loved about their services is the personalised touch which the add to their services. When I sent a query about the NYX concealer, they regularly kept on informing me about when it will be available with them. That too without me asking, and I already told you how prompt they are in replying to emails and queries. 

StyleCraze also offers different payment options like : - 
  • Cheque/demand draft
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Cash on delivery
  • Net Banking 
What I ordered from StyleCraze

You can reach the website at
You can also join them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

Disclaimer - I was given a discount voucher for my purchases but my opinions remain honest. 

Divo Paddle Brush and Hair Brush Cleaner - Review

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Today's post will be a bit different from the usual makeup and of course blushes, my current obsession. It will be about a product  I will be reviewing about Hairbrushes and blush brush by Divo. So, without much ado, let's come to the reviews.

Divo Aaria Paddle Brush

What Divo claims about its Aaria Paddle Brush

Description: The Aaria Paddle Brush detangles, smoothens, and adds finish to styled hair. The pneumatic pad powers bristles to gently penetrate the hair, thus reducing the pulling and breakage of hair while styling. As a durable multipurpose tool, this brush also has a massage effect on the scalp.

Direction of Use: Depending on the volume of your hair, you should first part it into an appropriate number of sections. In order to achieve a smooth finished effect, each section of hair should be brushed individually, both from the inside and the outer side. You should always start by brushing the lower part of your hair with small strokes. You should then work your way upwards to the middle section, and finally end with large strokes from top to bottom. This process helps to detangle knots and preventing snagging of hair. 

Brush Care: Every month rinse the brush with gentle soap and water. The brush should always be dried with a soft cloth. The use of Bris Care is recommended for superior cleaning.

Material: Handle: Rubber Body: Plastic Pad: Pneumatic with cushioning Bristles: Ball tipped

Disclaimers: All brushes with a pneumatic pad have a small hole in the pad to allow air to circulate in and out. 

The Paddle Brush with pneumatic pad in its full glory. Notice how it flexibly goes down when I press it.
 Price - Rs. 475

My experience with the Divo Aaria Paddle Brush 

Honestly, this is the first paddle brush I have used and I am loving it. Previously, I never bothered about using wide toothed hairbrushes or combs. I used to think that every comb or hairbrush, irrespective of the width its bristles, has only one function, i.e. to detangle hair. I was so wrong. So with my first brush with paddle brush, I decided to use it in the same manner as provided on the carton. I have medium length which falls just a bit below my shoulders. I am sure you must have read my previous post about how much obsessed I am with my thick and dry hair. Yes, quite obsessed since it can be quite difficult to manage such hair. So, started brushing sections of my hair with inward and outward strokes. The wide set bristles of this brush makes detangling hair a breeze, specially when hair is dry after after a hair wash. Other then detangling, my hair breakage was very much less compared to hairfall and breakage with other hairbrushes. The tiny little balls at the end of each bristle feels like they give a nice relaxing massage to scalp. The hair does not get caught at all in this brush and no more ouchsss...Don't they hurt so much ?? Coming to the finishing part, I noticed that it also reduces the frizz of my dry hair to half. Too good for me. I love hair care products which reduce frizziness of my hair but never knew that even a hair brush can cut down the frizz. I instantly fell in love with this paddle brush right from the first time I used it.

Coming to the Goods about the Divo Aaria Paddle Brush 
  • Gives a nice relaxing massage to scalp due to the tiny balls at the end of each bristle. I usually keep my hair tied since it becomes quite difficult to manage. At times, when I used to keep my hair tied for long time, I could feel some tension and pain in scalp. The paddle brush very effectively relives such tension and pain.
  • Wide brush and it detanlges  hair very easily with very less breakage and pain. 
  • I experienced very less hair breakage when I used this brush on my naturally dried hair after a hair wash. I don't prefer to use dryers, straightening irons etc. on my hair at all. They cause more harm in the long run.
  • Very true to its claim, it gives hair a nice finished look. the finished look in my case would be reduction in frizz and hair looks more calm with very less flyaways. 
 The only negative point which I can think of is the size of the Paddle Brush. Its quite big in size and cannot be easily carried in a handbag. Well, I would love to carry such a wonderful hairbrush with me all the times.

Divo Bris Care Hair Brush Cleaner 

Divo also sent me this hair brush cleaner. Lets take a look.

What Divo claims about Divo Bris Care Hair Brush Cleaner

Take a look at the picture. Instructions as to how to clean the paddle brush

Well, this little brush though tiny, but works like a charm when it comes to cleaning hairbrushes. I have used the Divo Paddle Brush for just few days till now and it was not at all dirty, BUT, my other brushes were, especially my round brushes, which I use everyday. This brush cleaned them in just few minutes. All the dirt, grime and broken hair just disappeared after a few single strokes from this brush. A very handy and useful brush cleaner for all my hair brushes, though I have not tried and don't think it will work well on combs. Its specially designed for hairbrushes.

Price - Rs. 115 

Visit Divo Website here
Join them on Facebook here

Disclaimer - Products sent by brand for consideration. Read entire Disclaimer here

NanoStyle Libra Zirconia Pendant Review and Giveaway

Saturday, December 3, 2011
About NanoStyle

NanoStyle’s contemporary jewellery collections present an exquisite range of onyx and cubic zirconia jewelery  collections interconnecting faiths and beliefs through the power of adornment. NanoStyle pendants are made using a unique imprint technology with outstanding visual impact coupled with the flawless CZ stone to bring everlasting beauty to your expression of faith, belief or ideas. Desirable stones for adornment have been sought after for centuries. Modern technology now makes the availability of these stones more accessible. The man-made stone, cubic zirconia, found in CZ jewellery collections today possess the qualities of the diamond yet surpass the diamond in its dazzle and fire. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but a girl is happiest among her many girlfriends. Cubic zirconia jewellery  is increasing in popularity with its qualities of high dispersion and flawlessness. The diamond stimulant’s beauty is enriched by NanoStyle’s articulate imprints. NanoStyle’s cubic zirconia necklace collection is imprinted with unsurpassed high resolution precision depictions of symbolic motifs and religious texts in 24K gold. Many of the harmonious designs are available in a spectrum of cubic zirconia stones. Soon NanoStyle will be introducing a ring and bracelet collection to its cubic zirconia jewellery range. NanoStyle’s unique and fashionable collection includes pendants for most faiths and spiritual beliefs enhancing your connection to your chosen path. In the collection you will find ideal gifts for Jewish holidays such as Jewish Pendants and Kabbalah pendants. Entire religious texts imprinted on stylish Christian pendants inspiring your faith, expressions of love and universal symbols. All are available on both onyx and cubic zirconia gemstones. NanoStyle also presents Zodiac pendants and a Love pendant range which includes its best-selling item, the I Love You necklace.

For myself, I received the Libra Zirconia Pendant with the crystal stone in the pendant.

23 September – 23 October

A Libran is balanced, charming, diplomatic and gracious. Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac and an air sign. The Libra symbol is engraved in brilliant 24 karat gold on a round (8mm)pink cubic zirconia, Libra’s birthstone, or available in a celestial range of other elegant gemstones namely clear crystal, blue topaz, light amethyst or opalite. The zodiac pendant is set in a choice of stunning sterling silver or glimmering 14 karat gold.

Metal - Silver, Top Gold and 14 KT Gold
Stone Colors - Crystal, Light amethyst, Pink, Light Garnet and Opalite
Chain choices available: Facets Bead- Silver(45 Cm), Curb-Silver(45 Cm), Thin Curn-Silver(45Cm), Figaro Silver(50Cm), Fox-Tail Silver (50Cm)
Price - US$ 95

WORDS can fall short for this thing of beauty. It comes beautifully encased in navy blue square box, surrounded by luxurious blue velvet. The Pendant looks really beautiful on the website but the real beauty dazzles when it adorns your neck. Yes, trust me. Pictures don’t really do justice to this beauty. I was so mesmerized by it’s the sparkling whiteness of the crystal stone which had the Libra zodiac sign in gold.

The NanoStyle pendant comes with a classy key chain which has a tiny magnifying glass. The magnifying glass can be used to look closely at the delicate design on the stone.

So, if you are going to work or just a casual night out with friends or him, let it adorn your neck and be the enchantress. I am so much in love with this beautiful piece of jewellery. Are you ?

Here’s your chance to win it. Yes, you read it right. You too can own this lovely piece with a $50 gift coupon. The lovely Leanne Vermeulen at NanoStyle let me have giveaway for a $50 gift coupon. The Nanostyle jewellery collection starts at $ 95. So you can enjoy a huge discount this festive season, if you are the lucky one. So, girls what are you waiting for ? Guys don't be disappointed, you too can participate and gift a NanoStyle pendant to the women in your life.

Here are the few Mandatory Rules for Giveaway

Please participate in this contest using Rafflecopter widget below. Do not leave any comments below. Comments left below won't be qualified as valid entries. 

1) Follow my blog through GFC

2) Leave a valid email id so that I can contact you if you win.

3) Like Nanostyle jewellery page on Facebook

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5) Follow my Blog on Networked Blogs. Enter your Facebook name.

8) Subscribe to NanoStyle Jewelry newsletter. Leave your email id used to subscribe.

The Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 31 December, 2011. 

Disclaimer - This Giveaway is Sponsored by Nanostyle Jewelry but I am not affiliated to them in any manner. I was sent a Libra Zirconia Pendant for my reviews. My reviews remain honest as always.