Pond’s launches Gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Awaken to the Glow of Gold with
New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules

Real gold serum concentrate and a rich vitamin complex infused in little capsules to recapture your youthful radiance.

Ask a woman what bothers her most about her skin and chances are that she will say dryness. It’s true; dryness is a common problem for women, regardless of skin type. However, what they don’t know is that as they age the skin dryness is a symptom and not the problem itself.

At Pond’s, we took up the task to study this deep rooted problem. What we found in our research was startling. The dryness women experience when they are young is different from the dryness when their skin starts ageing. And dry skin is more prone to dullness. So, we asked ourselves, how could we help women combat this dryness and recapture their youthful glow?
The Pond’s Institute knows that dry skin is different and struggles more to recapture the radiance of youth. That’s why Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich products, infused with real gold serum concentrate, are especially designed for dry skin to provide the extra, rich care it needs to recapture the radiance of youth.

New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules
For the first time from Pond’s, luxurious and high-performance nighttime formulation with real gold serum concentrate and a rich vitamin complex is captured for you in the New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules. As your skin goes through a lot during the day, the little capsule with combined gold serum concentrate and vitamin complex deeply* nourishes dry skin cells overnight. Its anti-ageing ingredient CLA also fights the tell-tale signs of ageing, so that you wake up youthful and glowing.
The little capsules are not only effective but also easy to apply. Before going to bed, just break open a capsule and gently massage the rich formulation on your skin with upward circular motion. Use it every evening as part of your daily skin care routine.

Pond’s recommends using these 3 products together forming your own little regime. It will make sure your dry skin stays deeply nourished and you achieve the best results.

Day Regime: For a glowing start to the day 
Step 1: Get rid of the impurities on your skin with Pond’s gold radiance™ Facial Foam or Self Foaming Cleanser
Step 2: Treat your skin with Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Serum and then apply Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Day Cream over it.

Night Regime: To recapture youthful radiance overnight

Step 1: Thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove any impurities with Pond’s gold radiance™ Facial Foam or Self Foaming Cleanser
Step 2: Massage your skin with the new Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules every evening

The New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules is now available at leading retail outlets across India and priced at Rs. 2499 for 12ml.
So, treat your skin with the New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules and recapture your youthful radiance overnight.

*in epidermal layer of skin
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Crazy Girl lip balm

Sunday, December 23, 2012

While browsing the Beauty and Body section  of EdenFantasys online shop, I came across this lovely little thing...yes, it's a lip balm. The second love of my life. I am a hardcore lip balm lover. This Crazy Girl Lip Balm retails for just $ 7. How awesome, isn't it ?  I am definitely getting it. 

Crazy Girl is a great lip balm to add to your purse. It works well to keep your lips soft, and what's more..it smells yummy...banana flavour. So, it you love bananas, you will love it too. 

Summary - it’s a nice hydrating banana flavoured lip balm, which moisturises lips well and keeps them soft and also adds a tiny hint of sheen to the lips. The balm comes in a easy to carry twist tube packaging which is not even hygienic but also travel friendly. Just drop in your purse and you are ready to carry it anywhere you want. It also has SPF 15 for added sun protection to lips against the sun. This lip balm only has 4 ingredients, including 2 sunscreen ingredients. It is PABA free and made in the U.S.A. it’s not at all goopy or waxy and gives a barely there feeling, all the time effectively softening the lips.

Ingredients: Octinoxate (7%), Oxybenzone (4%), Vitamine E, Aloe Vera

It smells and tastes like a banana flavoured smoothie, which is not very overwhelming but detectable. A nice lip balm to wear under your matte lipsticks or over your matte lipsticks to give a glossy feeling.

Packaging - It comes in a white and pink chapstick standard tube, with an adorable Crazy Girl font. This will fit in your pocket or purse with ease.

0.15 fl.oz.
0.8 oz

Gluten free / No Phthalates / No Sulfates / No Triclosan / Parabens free

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Face Atelier Ultra Sheer Highlighter - Review, Swatches and Love

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Heylo Ladies, 

I know you must have been thinking that I am extinct now, but I am still very much. And I do hope this is not my last post, now that 21.12.2012 is near. LOL..

Anyways, coming to the star of this review...The Face Atelier Ultra Sheer Highlighter. What can I say, it’s my new found love or may be long lost. Lately I have been obsessed with highlighters and till now was satisfied with my Chambor Single Blush, shade - Star Candy, which is a peachy pinky blush with tiny golden shimmer. Some friends have told me it’s very close to NARS orgasm. You can take a look at the review of Chambor Single Blush here. But I wanted a pure highlighter and not a shimmery blush. So my wish was granted in form of Face Atelier Ultra Sheer. They sent me a full sized as well as a small sample container of Face Atelier Ultra Sheer, in shade Champagne.

The Packaging

The Highlighter comes in a easy to use pump dispenser
It’s a peachy pinkish highlighter with lots of shimmery sheen. I won’t say the shimmer is big and chunky. Nope, not at all. It does not contain those big chunky glittering particles but gives a soft, subtle peachy glow, when applied. I usually apply it over my moisturiser. Just 2-3 drops on apple of my cheeks and blended. But wait, there’s more. If you are a foundation or tinted moisturiser girl, you can either mix 3-4 drops in your foundation/TM and apply. My skin, particularly my face looks very dull and sallow, the moment winter steps. Another agony of winters.  But when I use this, my face actually looks like it lit up.

Heavy Swatch (3-4 drops)

Swatched on hand but not blended

It stays for a decent time, around 4-5 hours and the consistency is almost runny like a lotion. It does not give any trouble while blending nor does it look streaky or patchy. Just a nice warm glow. I am loving it. And all I need is a tiny bit. The tiny sample pot lasted me for almost 10 days, using on the apple of my cheeks.
I would rate it as 4.5 out of 5. (0.5 deducted because I kind of feel it’s too subtle, but that’s just a personal preference. Maybe what I feel subtle is perfect for you). 

Have you used Highlighters ?? Do let me know your worst and favourites in the comments below.

You can use it on apples of cheeks, bridge of nose and cupid brow. Did I say, it can also be used on the shoulders and collar bone ? Well, looks like it can be. Maybe I will try that too after winters.

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