Braun 3270 Silk Epil 3 Soft Perfection - First Use - Review

Thursday, September 8, 2011

If you girls would have glanced at my last post, you would have seen the that I just got for myself a Braun 3270 Silk Epil 3 Soft Perfection Epilator. I have been wanting to buy an epilator on and off..Reading a positive review, I would be all revved up to buy one, but a negative review would bring me back to ground zero. :-P 

I have been religiously using Gillette Satin care for past 10 years now. That’s the only Razor I have ever touched and I still love it. The biggest problem with razor is one has to use it everyday. Grrr.....atleast I do. I tried waxing twice but it did not suit my skin and I had very evil looking tiny boils kind of eruptions on my legs. They really took a while to disappear and I never had the courage to try waxing again. 

Price - MRP - 3445 INR (I got it for 3265 INR) 
Well, coming back to the review, this is going to be a long review. I will try to cover each and everything from pain, hygiene, effectiveness in hair removal, etc. 

I know most of you can only think of excruciating pain and red bumps whenever it comes to epilators, but I experienced very less (read negligible) pain even on first use. So, lets start. 


No doubt, this machine creates noise pollution. I mean seriously, the noise it creates is almost like a dentist’s drill. When I first switched it on, the noise intimidated me so much and I actually regretted buying this machine. I got so scared to even being this near to my skin, but you all know how brave we women are when it comes to torturing ourselves for hair removal. (Instantly, I reminded myself of Mountain Dew ad “Darr ke aage jeet hai”) Bad joke, sorry. :-P. 

If I close my room and use it, my parents in their room from my room can easily know what I am upto. :-(

Pain on Epilator use
To ensure minimum pain, it is very essential that the hair to be removed is short in length. The best time to epilate is when the hair is ½ cm in length. ½ cm hair can be easily grasped by the epilator tweezers and it is less painful to epilate such hair. I had read so many reviews about how painful epilation is and trust me, my expectations were quite high on the pain part. But, I was in for a big surprise. The pain was almost negligible and it felt like tiny pricks only. I had not shaved my legs that day but the day before and the hair was quite tiny. Maybe 0.3 -0.5 mm. The pain can be much more if the hair is full grown. The hair on my arms was much longer and when I used it on my arms, the pain was comparatively much more. 

I also used the Epilator on my underarms where the hair was quite tiny. It did gave me a few tiny bleeding spots but a bit of moisturiser and antiseptic cream helped the skin. The pain was nothing like unbearable. A tried tweezing out a few hairs which were left and Woah..! it hurt much more tweezing a single hairs, compared to using Epilator. 

The Epilator comes with a massaging roller attachment which is meant to  massage the skin before and after epilation to reduce pain and ease the epilating sensation. I used the Epilator with the massaging roller, but felt that it made the epilation process slower. Also, since epilating was not much painful for me, I can give the massaging roller a skip.

Effective Hair Removal  

Very true to its claim, it removes hair directly from the roots. The small hair which look so tiny on the surface of the skin, almost like a small stubble. I was so amazed to see that all the hair was yanked off from the roots. It was so gross and so satisfying too. I had to clean the epilator again and again after every few swipes.

Ease of Use
Epilator is easy to use but it has to be:
  • · Held at 90 degree angle to the skin on which it is used,
  • ·Skin on which it is to be used is to be held tight. It works great on the legs, but its a bit difficult to use on the backside of legs, since the skin over there is much more loose. The skin needs to be stretched and held tight for effective epilation.  
  • Similar to waxing, Epilator has to be used in direction opposite to hair growth.

Irritation and red bumps on Skin

When I used Epilator for the first time, I had tiny pinkish-red bumps on my skin. The instruction booklet which comes along with the Epilator advises users to apply a moisturising cream after epilation to soothe the redness. I decided to do a little experiment and use aloe vera gel on one leg and Vaseline body lotion on the other. The red bumps healed after about 24 hours and the leg on which I applied Vaseline body lotion looked much better immediately after Epilation.


Epilating is a hygienic method of hair removal and can be done at any time, provided the hair to be epilated has the minimum length required. Compared to messy waxing or depilatory creams, epilators are much more convenient. It is also much more hygienic to waxing as I fear that many small parlours don’t exercise proper hygiene in terms of waxing strips, spatulas etc. which may lead to serious skin troubles. (it’s my  own thinking. I am a bit finicky about hygiene issue and i might even have a OCD of washing hands). The cleaning brush is very effective and removes all the hairs left on the Epilator after use. Afterwards, I wipe it off the Epilator with a dry cotton swab to remove any residue.

Skin reaction and Sensitive Skin 

My body skin is normal and not sensitive. But girls who have sensitive body skin should purchase an epilator only after trying it. In case your friends have it, you can definitely borrow it and try. That will help you to judge sensitivity of your skin as well as effectiveness in removing hair. The tiny red bumps healed after about 24 hours. 

These companies should give a carry case which can securely hold the product and its attachments while travelling and even when it is stored. 

A few things which I did not like 
  • Does not come with a carry case.
  • Epilator cannot be charged unlike a few other models. So, to use, one has to plug in and use. 
  • Noise factor is definitely a big turn off.
  • Should have come in other colours too. Pink is not exactly my favourite colour.
Would I recommend 

Yes, of course ! So, this is the best possible way I could describe my first use with the Epilator. I would definitely recommend you to buy it for a easy, hygienic and hassle free way of hair removal. I am very much satisfied with this Epilator. I will use it again when needed and will keep you all updated. 

Take care till then.


Ankita said...

great review.. u definitely inspired me to buy it..
can you please tell me the website too in case u ordered it online

rids said...

congo on buying a new epi prachi . . . me too use epilators often . .. i remember gettin few bleeding spots wen i first used it underarms ... never tried it after tht . . .hehehehe

Prachi said...

@ Ankita, You can definitely give a try. I bought it from one of the custom confiscated goods shop (with proper invoice and warranty).

you can try this link for online shops. Provided on braun website itself.

Prachi said...

@ Rids, you too got bleeding spots..and I know how sensitive your skin is. I got the bleeding spots for first time. Second time i.e. 2 days later when I used again, it was almost painless without any bleeding pores.

bhumika said...

err..I am not sure now..confused..waxing is fine for me I guess :/

Prachi said...

@Bhumika, if waxing suits you, continue. Epilation takes a bit time to get used to. I tried Epilation only because I cant wax. My skin hates waxing. :-)

The Beautifier said...

Nice review! I bought one 5 years back but sadly it never suited my skin...I suffered from irritation and ingrown hair and had to stop using it completely....glad that it's working fine for you though xoxo

Prachi said...

@ Beautifier, too bad it did not suit your skin. I loved the first use and hope it keeps working like that. :-)

Pooja_G said...

Hey gal...I have so much things in common with too have OCD in washing hands :P...waxing doesn't suit me and gives me ugly rashes so had to depend on shaving only..this seems like a great product...

IDK why but I am not getting ur blog updates on my dashboard for last three months!! :(

Prachi said...

@ Pooja, lol..join the club girl...ut is definitely a great product. I used razor for 10 years before switching to epilation and loving every bit of it.

Let me check out the updates part. You can subscribe to my updates using email also. :-)

Sara.H said...

I still don't have one. I definitely need it in my life! loved reading your detailed review. :) <3

Prachi said...

@ Sara, you shd definitely get an epilator. Maybe the one with 40 tweezers. Thats eve better. :-)

Pooja_G said...

Hey u got some awards..hop on to here: :)

Karishma said...

I know epilators are life saving for so many women, but i have seen girls facing a lot of ingrowth problems after its usage. even the hair starts growing differently, its hard to explain. good that it works gor you :) Thank god atleast waxing works for me :D

All Made Up said...

I was so please when I stumbled across this review cos i bought my first epilator a couple of days ago but havent tried it yet cos the hair on my legs is too short

Mine is so loud I was actually worried there was something wrong with it! Honestly it sounds like a tractor engine or something, definitely not just a little hair remover :) Glad to hear yours is really noisy too!

Using mine for the first time tomorrow so will have to post a review myself ♥

Prachi said...

Hi..Joy..the biggest con about epilators is they are too noisy..Dont worry about the noise, you will get used to it after 2-3 uses. :-D Looking forward to ur review now.

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