Crea Clip Giveaway Winner

Monday, August 1, 2011
Hi Ladies,

I will be announcing the winner for the CreaClip. I got valid entries from all these lovely girls.
  • Gustosa giveaways, 
  • Miss T, 
  • Dhanu, 
  • Ane, 
  • Not your ordinary teacher, 
  • Karen, 
  • Olga, 
  • Sadi, 
  • CherrySpring, 
  • What about Sweden, 
  • Miha Ela and 
  • AnaVasilescu.
The Winner gets a CreaClip.

Thanks so much for taking part in my giveaway. And, now the winner is........


Please email me your details within 48 hours. 


miha.ela said...

Yuhu thank you, I'll send you my details ! :)

Sadi said...

Congratulations Miha.ela :)

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