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Sunday, August 7, 2011
Hi Ladies,

First of all a very Happy Friendship Day to  you all. Thanks so much to the active and the silent readers for reading my blog. Its you girls who keep me going.

I am not going to review any product today. So, tell me, when you step out of the house for office, college or even a fun evening out with friends, which is that one accessory which you ever forget to grab..? Sunglasses, Cellphone, Handbag....??

Ok, let me come to the point. I never forget to wear my precious watch every time I am heading out. I am not very brand conscious when it comes to watches. I once purchased a watch almost 10 years ago at dirt cheap price and it is still as good as new. But I do think I have a fetish for watches. :-P

So today's post will be about a brand of watches i.e. Breda Watches, which I came across a few days back while browsing the internet.

Brand Overview

Since its inception, Breda has created American-inspired fashion watches for men and women around the world. Breda designs give a fresh look and feel to the classic tradition of time keeping and can be described as trendy, versatile and fun. During the brand's young history (founded in 2009), it has quickly become a global brand offering high quality, durable, functional timepieces for men and women. Today Breda carries a wide breadth of designer-inspired watches (over 300 styles) distributed throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

Brand Identity

Breda is an attainable, fashion lifestyle watch brand defined by All-American style with an eclectic twist. In the age of cell phones and portable devices used for time telling, Breda provides a refreshing outlook that makes wearing watches fun again. Breda prides itself on staying true to its core vision: creating a wide range of affordable fashion watches for every occasion and season. Breda celebrates the spirit of American design but also reinvents it by infusing their designs with runway flare, vibrant colors and urban sophistication. In doing so, Breda provides a true lifestyle experience that inspires customers time and time again.

Did the above two pictures excite you..? Then quickly check out the Breda Official Website 

 The White Hot Watches Collection

The Gold Watches Collection

The Brooke Collection

Boyfriend Watches

This sneak peak was just about the Best of Breda. If you are the sporty type, don't be disappointed.

The Silicone Collection

Breda Watches recently launched a brand new logo. 

The logo was transformed from 


Here's What Breda Watches says about launch of new Logo
"Breda Watches is proud to introduce a new logo, marking the first major milestone in our brand's young history. The logo transformation establishes a new, sleek look reflecting our evolving brand identity.

We embraced this logo because we believe it perfectly embodies our inspired beginnings and hopes for a brilliant future. The bold modern logo reflects our forward thinking creative vision, while the traditional blue color celebrates our American heritage.

While our new identity will pave the way for Breda's future, we will continue to stay true to our core: creating high quality, affordable fashion watches for men and women. The new look will carry us into the future with a vision that will allow us to step up our game for current customers and give us the versatility to win over new customers.

We are confident the watch community and our loyal customers will embrace the new look as we have at our design studios. The new logo has already been incorporated onto our website, and you will begin to see it on watches starting this Fall.

And there is much more to come in the second half of the year as we introduce great gifts for the holiday season and expand our product line for men. We hope you like what you see!"
The best about Breda watches which I think is definitely the "Price". These watches are priced in a very affordable range of $ 25 - $45. The watches are very classy, elegant and of course stylish. Don't believe me..? See yourself at their Website


anamika said...

i liked their new look Prachi and nice write up :)

Prachi said...

Thanks Anamika. I love the designs of their watches. So dressy yet so elegant.

Falaxy said...

I hope the upcoming contest is for international fans, discovered your blog from Breda fanpage on facebook! : )

Prachi said...

Hi Falaxy..thanks for droppping by. I too hope that Breda hosts an international contest..I would be great meeting bloggers from across the globe.

Dr N K Srinivasan said...

Hi Prachi, yes, Breda watches have dressy, classy looks and are affordable at moderate price range around $30/== They are less expensive than other fashion brands like Fossil, Kenneth Cole and Hugo Boss . I saw breda watches in the counters at Walmart and was fascinated but did not know about the brand then...Now I know more about this brand, I would get a Breda watch from Walmart or Amazon...Thanks for introducing this among us.

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