Won my First Giveaway

Thursday, May 5, 2011
I am so happy today. Got this big package in my mail and guess what it had..? 

I won Noopur's Giveaway. She makes these amazing chocolates and she sent me so many of her yummy chocos.

Thank You Noopur. (Burp) You made my first giveaway win so memorable.

She also gifted me a cute little lippie and nailcolour from Oriflame.

I have been a bit obsessed with browns and nude colours these days and she sent me both. yay. 

Thank You Noopur. Once again you made my first giveaway win so memorable.


Nivedita said...

The chocolates look yummie!!! Congratulations!

Prachi said...

Thanks Nivedita..They were too good.

Rajeshwari said...

Wow Prachi...lucky you..congrats..

Prachi said...

Thanks Rajeshwari...:-)

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