Sonam Kapoor at Cannes

Thursday, May 19, 2011
Hey Lovelies,

With nothing much to do today, I decided to be a bit experimental and for the first time I am trying my hands on a small write up about the much hyped look of Sonam Kapoor at the Cannes. I hope you will like my non-expert comments. :-P

Here are some of the pictures which I have sourced from the internet. I absolutely loved her Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2009 gown, which had mesh overlay and black lines. The gown made the already stunning actress look like a dream. She adorned the gown with a pair of fancy Ferragamo shoes.

Sonam in the Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2009 Couture gown and Ferragamo shoes

Well, the only thing I did not like about the gown was the thing running from her waist to her derriere, which I think gave a Victorian corset kind of look to the gown. A bit ruined the look of the beautiful gown for me. 

The Curly bouffant updo.

Coming to her makeup, the makeup, hair were perfect. The eyeshadow looked like it was applied in a haste and needed a more blending. The shade of gold used on her eyes looked a bit too much and a slightly soft and  muted shade would have done more justice to her eyes. A dark brown smokey eye makeup would have looked equally good with the gown. Her Hair looked very elegant and classy in curly bouffant updo.

A pair of Chopard stud earrings
statement Amrapali cocktail ring

Hope you liked reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


bhumika said...

she looked very pretty in this..though d dress was weird frm behind..
bt next day in that loose white n dark makeup she looked horrible :I

Sonia said...

I absolutely hate that dress.What's it with celebrities and crazy attires.BTW love the gold and black eye makeup.

Prachi said...

@ Bhumika, I loved the dress but me too hated that horrible thing protuding..:-) It ruined the dress..The next day attire was even more horrible.

@ Sonia, I loved her hair and eye make up too. Black and gold made such a lovely combo.

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