How to make your own concealer

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I was arranging my makeup stuff, when I noticed that my concealer, was almost finished. So, I decided to innovate and try to make my own concealer. I use oncealer only to hide my dark circles and slight pigmentation around my mouth. I dont have blemishes or scars on my face to need concealer.  I scooped the little bit of foundation that was left in the bottle and mixed it with my Garnier eye cream and mixed both to get an even consistency. Applied it on the area around my eyes and blended with my fingertips. You can also use a good brush for a better application. Set with some loose powder.
Here's a bit more of detail on what I exactly did:
  • Moisturize the skin above and below eyes using a good quality eye cream. I use Garnier's eye cream but  pure almond oil can also be used. In case, you use almond oil, apply almond oil and wipe it off gently using damp cotton after 15-20 minutes. It is necessary to wipe almond oil since it wont allow your eye makeup to set.
  • Take equal amount of foundation and eye cream and mix them quickly on the back of your hand. I was trying it for the first time and kept on mixing for a good 40-50 seconds and ended up with all the eye cream absorbed on my hand.
  • Apply the cream and foundation to the areas that needs coverage and quickly blend it using your fingers, sponge or a brush.
And we are done.  I think that this technique will work only for light to meium coverage and not if you need heavy coverage.


Nupur said...

dis sounds interseting yar.. m trying it today

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