Personal Care Deep Cleaning Astringent Review

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello Girls and Ladies, 

How many of you have dry skin and use astringents?? I guess, very few. I too have dry skin and never used astringent. I have always used rose water as toner and never thought that I would be using an astringent on my face. Read on to know Why?? 

So, I got this Personal Care Deep Cleaning Astringent as a gift from a dear friend of my mom who returned after visiting her daughter in US of A. I got lucky and she got me hoards of skincare goodies. When she was giving me the stuff she got for me, she told me that her daughter K, also uses the astringent daily. I was a bit surprised because K also has a dry skin like me. Anyways, this Deep Cleaning Astringent sat pretty on my dresser for few days. I would look at it and always thought that I will pass it over to a friend of mine who has oily and acne prone skin. Then one day, I decided to try it on myself. Just reading through the ingredients gave me a mini heart attack because it contained 24% alcohol. Yes, a whopping 24%. I decided to put it down again, thinking it will turn my skin into a sandpaper in a single wipe, but I decided to be brave and put 4-5 drops on a cotton ball and wiped it on my face. 

Surprise surprise, shock shock. I did not experience any drying of skin nor need any to use moisturiser. The cotton ball was covered with grime and dirt, I never knew was sitting on my face. I used it 2-3 times a week just like a toner, apply on cotton ball and wipe it on my face. Another Surprise surprise, shock shock. After 5-6 uses over a matter of 2 weeks, I noticed that the zillions of blackheads on my super oily face have disappeared. Yes, disappeared, not lessened. I did not use any scrub or exfoliant during these 2 weeks. The best part is it does not make my skin dry or flaky at all, rather it makes my skin a bit oily. I am clueless as to why it makes my skin oily. But just a wash with my regular facewash and my skin feels less oily and normal. I am still using it only 2-3 times a week, fearing that it might make my skin dry but it does not. Though it claims to prevent pimples, I don't have much of problems with pimples, so can't comment on that part. Yes, it effectively removed my blackheads which are very stubborn to the extent that even if I scrub and squeeze them every week, they are back again on my nose, laughing back at me.

Price - I don’t know. It’s a gift. But since, it’s a drugstore brand, it won’t be much expensive. 

Quantity - The quantity is huge and it would last ma ages. I require only 5-6 drops to clean my entire face with it. 

Fragrance/Smell - As soon as I put it on cotton ball, it smells of only alcohol. I am weird. I love such smells. But girls, with sensitive noses may not like it. I have no issues with the smell. 

Not available in India. 

I don’t see this getting over for an year. So, whenever this gets over, I would ask my aunt to get another one for me. 

Btw, these pictures are taken from my new phone. What do you think ? Are they good enough for a beauty blog.


Pooja_G said...

Hey Prachi, u know finally I m getting ur updates on my flooded all the posts one day suddenly ;) :D

this sounds so good..though I don't have blackheads, but would love to try if it works on pimples :) nice review dear :)

Prachi said...

@Pooja, you know nivedita told me the same thing about my blog. Don't know what's wrong.

It's a wonder product for me. My blackheads used to make me miserable. Finally gone. I wish this was available in India..the brand has a huge range of skincare products.

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Anonymous said...

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Vivek Singh said...

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