Mario Badescu Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E - Review

Saturday, August 25, 2012
Hey Girls,

If you have been following my blog regularly, you must be remembering I recently told you that I had won a gift card from the Mario Badescu in one of their Pinterest contests. You can view that post here.

So after using the Mario Badescu Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E for about 2 weeks, it's the perfect time to review it. Honestly, I am not the one who would take care or pamper my hands. I have never ever got a manicure done in my almost 28 years of existence. But lately, I started noticing that my hands had started looking somewhat in a bad shape and felt a lot more dry. Yeah, talk about centuries of neglect. My hands used to feel extremely dry and stretchy whenever I would do the dishes or stuff like that. Applying moisturizer and hand creams did not help much. My hands felt soft till the time the cream was on my hands. The moment I washed my hands with only water, they would start feeling dry again. My cuticles were also very dry and chaffing. In short, my hands were nothing less then dry and were on verge of getting cracked and bleeding.

So, when I won their contest and was browsing their website, this hand cream immediately caught my eye and I added it to my cart. it arrived a few weeks later with my lovely friend, M, who very sweetly got me tons of goodies as well as the stuff I had ordered. The next day, I used this cream before my afternoon nap and when I woke up, my hands felt a lot lot better and hydrated. Immediate results make me very very happy.

Price and Quantity - $ 8 for 4 oz. (118ml)

You can read about the ingredients and claims here

My Experience

True to its claims, the cream is very light yet very effective and it gets immediately absorbed. It's not like those hands cream which makes hands feel slippery all the time and you end up leaving fingerprints on your laptop, cellphone and everything you touch. I applied it, rubbed for few seconds and it vanished into my skin. No greasy hands. I can very much work on my laptop after applying this cream. Just apply, rub for 5-7 seconds and it vanishes inside but the effect stays. I need a very tiny amount for both hands, just a pea sized amount. When I started using it, I used to take more quantity, but after a week of continuous use, my hands felt healthy and better, so I use just half of what I was using before. It can be applied as often needed but now I apply it only before bed. Definitely, HOLY GRAIL hand cream for me.

Let me divulge another secret. When my cheeks feel dry, I apply a tiny amount of this Hand cream on my face too. Never broke me out and the dryness on my face is gone.

The quantity for the price is too good and definitely more value for money.

This is the amount I need for both hands. The Tub will easily last me 8-10 months with daily usage.

The only drawbacks I can mention are that like all good brands, Mario Badescu is not available in India. Another thing is that the cream comes in a big tub, which is definitely not travel friendly, but I have no complaints because the quantity in the tube is huge.

Samples which came with the Mario Badescu Skincare Stuff
The pictures whole heartedly appreciate the efforts of Mr. Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman for making them blogworthy. The author is still learning to take better pictures. 
Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post. I got the products using a gift card which I won in a contest. Honest Opinion as always.


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