Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion Review

Monday, July 23, 2012

Today’s review is about a wonder skin care product from parachute. I know most of you might cringe at the thought of using moisturisers but dry skinned girls like me need a light moisturiser everyday to keep away the dryness.

Here's what Parachute claims about its Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion: The parachute Advansed Body Lotion contains mint extracts which provide and instant cooling on skin   refresh it after a long summer day, coconut milk infuses light moisture to soften skin  keep it supple.

My Experience

Fragrance : The first thing i noticed about this lotion is the soothing fragrance. It smells of fresh mint leaves and coconut, though I am not really a big fan of coconut fragrances, still this one is not overpowering.

Colour - It is very light green in colour

Texture - The texture is slightly runny and spreads easily. I did not require a lot of it and a small quantity spreads easily.

Effectiveness - The lotion is perfect only for hot and humid seasons. It’s light, soothing and provides the right amount of moisture and hydration. For girls with very dry skin and in winter months, it won’t suffice much. It gives a light tingling sensation when applied but the sensation lasts only for a minute or so. I would have loved it more if the tingling sensation lasted longer.

Price - Price is very economical.

Disclaimer - Product sent by brand for review. My review remains unbiased.


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