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Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Hey Girls,

Are you enjoying the slight dip in the mercury ? Me too, but I hate those really harsh and chilly winters. But the moment winters set in, most of us run to stock up on our moisturizers and lip balms. Today, I will be reviewing these wonderful lipbalms from My Lip Stuff. In a few words, these are very moisturizing, non-waxy and collarless lip balms.These are 100% organic lipbalms.

My Lip Stuff Lip Balms

The Philosophy behind  My Lip Stuff

The mission:

My Lip Stuff's ultimate mission is to end the suffering of people with chapped lips all across the land. In the process, we strive to end animal testing and save the environment with chemical-free natural products! Is this a tall order? Absolutely. But we are dedicated- and are willing to start small. If we all do our part our combined efforts will make a big impact on the future of the planet, & just maybe we'll find a cure for something-- even if it is just chapped lips! My Lip Stuff's products are NEVER tested on animals & contain natural (from the earth) ingredients that are skin loving. Our products do NOT contain any harsh ingredients- and NEVER contain petroleum or mineral oil! We also do what we can by using recycled (and recyclable) materials whenever possible, and even using "green power" (power from renewable resources such as wind, water, or landfill gases-instead of oil). We also Drive a Hybrid, and use only fluorescent lighting (no incandescent bulbs here!). 

In the end, We strive to create a natural product made from only the highest quality ingredients, with the least amount of impact on the environment and its inhabitants, for the lowest possible price. 

My Experience with My Lip Stuff 

So coming back to my experience, I instantly fell in love with these lip balms right from the time I first used these lipbalms. These are not all waxy and very moisturizing. They stay a good 2-3 hours on my lips and without meals, for even longer. Lips feel soft instantly after use and even after the lip balm is gone, lip remain soft and supple. I need to re-apply it only 2-3 times a day, unlike the other lip balms which most of us feel like applying every 2 hours. Since, these are colourless, you can easily gift it to your husbands and boyfriends too. :-P I fill my lips with a lip pencil and use this lip balm when I am going out for a nice colour. Did I tell you that they have a huge variety of flavours...and huge here means huge which precisely is 500. Yes, you read it right..500 flavours. 

Top to Bottom - Apple Mango, Red Velvet Cake and Peppermint

I totally love the Peppermint flavour. It's Divine.

My lip Stuff Balm on My Lips

What I loved about My Lip Stuff : 
  • 100% organic lip balms
  • Made of butters, oils, and beeswax to moisturize dry lips. 
  • Very Moisturizing and instantly soothes dry lips. 
  • huge variety of 500 flavours available. 
  • Stays for a long time and even after the lip balm is gone, lips remain soft and supple. 
  • Not at all waxy like the lip balms which sit on your lips heavily. I never liked such balms anyway. 
  • Gives a  nice healthy yet very subtle sheen to lips which makes lips appear more supple and full. The fine lines on my lips appear greatly reduced after applying these lip balms.
What I did not like about My Lip Stuff :  

These lip balms are not tinted. Nothing else that I can think of. 

Win It
Tempted to have these wonderful Lipbalms. Here's your chance to win 6 of My Lip Stuff Lipbalms worth $13. Coming to Rules of the Giveaway. One lucky girl gets to win these 

Rules for Giveaway

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7) Post about this Giveaway on your Facebook and tag a minimum of 4 friends.(5 points) 

The Giveaway ends on 30, November, 2011. 

Disclaimer: This Giveaway has been sponsored by My Lip Stuff. I am not affiliated to My Lip Stuff and have not been compensated in any manner for this giveaway.


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Bebe said...

Hi, I wonder have you announced thw winner yet ?

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Hey honey, have you announced the winner? :) x

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