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Just a 28 year old bitten by the beauty and makeup bugs. Unlike the name of my Blog, my blog is not going to be only about Makeup. I recently took up blogging as a leisure activity and all my jibber jabber here would be about trends in skin care, makeup, fashion, accessories, jewellery, maybe my favourite television shows, movies and everything which I like. 

I am also a self proclaimed natural and organic lover. So, something as precious as your skin should always be treated to ingredients which are close to nature itself. I also believe that Beautiful Skin is the Best Makeup and in my quest for achieving a flawless skin, I always prefer DIY homemade tips over the sometimes exorbitantly expensive drugstore concoctions. I do not discourage the use of drugstore products in any manner and just prefer to go the herbal and natural way as a personal choice. I will keep on updating my own tried and tested homemade tips with you.


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