The Balm Time Balm Concealer Review

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hey Everyone, today's review is about the best concealers I have tried till now. So, without much jibber jabber, here it goes.

My Need for a Concealer

I need concealer only because of my hideous dark circles. My dark circles are very peculiar. They look very prominent in real but almost disappear in pictures..I don’t know how it happens ?? The rest of my face is pretty much ok. I don’t need much of concealing there.  My undereyes are the only problem area.

So, a few things I need, rather we all need in a concealer can be summed up into :

  • ·         Heavy coverage
  • ·         Does not settle in fine lines
  • ·         Stays for a long time without sliding
  • ·         Waterproof
So, all in all, I need a medium to heavy coverage long stay concealer. I swear I am not that much demanding otherwise, but only in exceptional circumstances like these. ;-P 

The Packaging
The Balm Time Balm Concealer comes in a small round plastic tub with screw lid. There’s a small sponge inside the tub but I doubt if it can be used for applying the concealer. I am sorry but the packaging is bad. I just don’t like it. It looks cheap. I hope they better it soon. Just make the tiny pot a bit fancy with black and gold casing. Lol.

Price and Quantity
$18 for .25 oz/7.5 grams. It’s a bit expensive but very tiny amount is needed, so it’s worth its price.
It’s available in 6 shades.  

The Texture 
The Time Balm concealer is specifically marketed to cover dark under eye circles and other imperfections while also being an "anti-wrinkle" concealer. The concealer is thick and creamy in texture and very soft.  I had previously tried the Garnier Roll on concealer and the Revlon Photoready Concealer but did not get what I was looking for in a concealer. The Garnier Roll concealer made my under eyes look really dry and wrinkled. The Revlon Photoready concealer stung my eyes very badly, even though I took proper caution not to apply it anywhere near my waterline.

The Time Balm Concealer is very much what I wanted in my under eyes concealer. It’s smooth and thick, provides heavy coverage and does not crease or settle in fine lines. The texture is creamy and I (Dry Skin) can skip my under eye cream before this concealer. Oily skinned girls might need to set this concealer with a translucent powder and need touch ups of powder every few hours. It blends very well and can be easily build up without settling in fine lines. I apply it in dab dab manner and don’t blend it in.  I need a very tiny amount  for both eyes, let’s say less then half of the head of matchstick, i.e the part which burns. At that rate, I am sure it will last me more then a year, even if I use everyday.
The Coverage and Long Wear
The Time Balm Concealer falls in category of medium to heavy coverage concealers. I can’t compare it with MAC, because I have’nt used MAC concealers. It’s very pigmented and a very very tiny amount is enough for heavy coverage. Certainly one of the best. Can be easily called as a professional product. I also don’t need eye cream before this concealer as itself is very creamy. Even though it’s very creamy, the concealer stays the whole day and can be later removed with a cleansing milk easily. In short, superb results in terms of coverage and staying power. Full marks. 
Closer Look (Right Eye - Bare, Left Eye - Time Balm Concealer)

The Balm Concealer under both eyes

Will I Purchase again - Yes. For sure.

The only thing is like all good brands, it’s not available here. So, will bug and beg my BFF to bring this concealer during her India visits.

Update - I took a nap for about 2 hours wearing this concealer. It did not budge. 

Disclaimer - PR sample, Review remains honest.


Rakhshanda said...

Sounds great!! Nice review :)

Prachi said...

Thanks Rakhshanda. It's nice.

riddhi jholapara said...

nice review but the price .. ll kill meee hehehe.. wait till u see my dark circles.. i literally have pandaaa eyess .. hehhe

Prachi said...

@Riddhi, looks like I have competition concealer really really worked for my dark circles.

Bhushavali - Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! said...

I like the coverage it gives. But seriously the price - errr... I dunno, a bit pricey!!!! :(
Do drop by my blog sometime.
And do follow if you like! :)

Zara said...

I love benefit and the balm stuff..quality is to die for...

Prachi said...

Absolutely, Zara. I even took power naps wearing this concealer 2-3 times and it did not budge.

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